CT Barber EXPO, Barber Hot Seat & More Shows

The CT Barber Expo is a wrap!  It was the biggest, most collaborative environment for barbers who crave education and networking.  

The Classic Barber Product brands were there, represented by the best educators imaginable.  We had the legend himself Curtis Smith of Xotics, who not only was promoting his newest book 21 Bad Habits and What I Did to Change Them, he was also a participant in a special "game show" during the first evening of the show.

The amazing team at 12 Pell presented a fun but informative Barber Hot Seat event featuring 5 industry heavyweights on the Classic Stage.  In addition to Curtis, we had Julius Cvesar of STMNT, Rocco Danieli of Uplift, Nicky Prosseda of 3rd Gen, and Anthony Giannotti of Victory Crown.  Hosts Andy and Tim of 12 Pell peeled back the layers and really got into the thick of it with these influential barbers, as show attendees gathered to hang on every word.

This collaboration among the Classic family of brands was envisioned by CEO Brian Murakami, and came to life with the brilliant minds behind 12 Pell.  This is the exact kind of thing which makes Classic Barber Products more than just another distributor, and more of a consultative power partner to our brands and our customers alike. 

3rd Gen Barber Collection made a huge splash at the show, with their customized barber jackets, letter jackets and capes.  The newest colors (khaki and army green) were a hit and promise to be on the backs of some very important barbers in the near future.

Firsthand had a gorgeous display, and as one major influencer added, "the best product ever.  When can I get this in the UK?" Firsthand is everything the barber industry is looking for with clean products and sustainable packaging... it is the future. 

Uplift could be spotted easily in the crowd because of the signature blue color, and the education on the Classic Stage was well attended and received.  The feel-good story behind this brand of recovery and second chances certainly won't make anyone feel blue. 

Victory Crown of course, one of our long-time partners, was in full form with rich product deals including an opportunity for 1-on-1 consultation with it's founder, who just happens to be a modern-day authority on the mullet.  

Classic Barber Supply was unveiled at the CT Expo, a new collaboration with Williamsport Bowman.  Now, Classic customers can easily order their supplies along with their favorite haircare brands (you want some neck strips with that order?).  You can get everything from Barbicide to sundries to clippers and trimmers all on the same order, without having to go to several different places or people to place your order.  It saves time for you and it saves money because our prices are ultra competitive.  

New Brands???  Be on the lookout for two new vendor partners that will be added to the Classic family in the next few weeks.  we can't wait to share with you!

Also, we have 3 more shows coming up, and we hope to see you there! 

Aug 27, 2023 Barbercon (20th Anniversary), Dallas, TX 

Sept 17, 2023 Las Vegas Barber Expo, Las Vegas, NV

October 14-15, 2023 Salt Lake Beauty and Barber Expo, SLC, UT