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Xotics By Curtis Smith is a brand that uses high quality natural ingredients derived from the Earth's gifts to produce luxury health and beauty products. They are mixed the old-fashioned way; by hand in small batches for greater quality control that ensures the product you receive is always fresh. Our products are comprised of natural essential oils and butters that work effectively on all hair textures and skin types. They contain no artificial colors, are completely free of chemicals, parabens, petroleum, and sulfates, and have never been tested on animals. Xotics By Curtis Smith was created for all who desire to adopt an all-natural lifestyle regime. #XoticsLifestyle
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  • Xotics ~ Sweet Jamila 4.0oz - 12 Pack
  • Xotics ~ Blue Water Facial Spray 8.0oz - 12 Pack
  • Xotics Beard Oil 2oz - 12 Pack
  • Xotics ~ Skin Rescue Spray 2.0oz - 12 Pack
  • Xotics ~ Blue Aloe Shave Gel 8.0oz - 12 Pack
  • Xotics ~ Skin Rescue Corrective Skin Treatment 4.0oz - 12 Pack
  • Xotics ~ Shave Therapy Pre-Shave Lotion 8.0oz - 12 Pack