'Tis the Time to Retail in your Shop!

Boost profits easily, especially during the busiest time of the year, 

Perhaps you don't do a lot of retailing in your shop... you're trying to turn customers as quickly as possible, you don't want to invest in the inventory, selling isn't your strong point... there could be a million reasons why. 

But did you know that you make 100% profit on retail when you buy from a wholesaler like Classic Barber Products? That's right!  You buy a product at wholesale for $10, which you retail for $20.  That's the basic math; you double your investment when you retail goods in your shop.

Did you know it's super easy to upsell any cut with a take-home product?  It's as simple as showing the customer what you're using as you style their hair, let them smell it, then show them how you're using it so they can recreate the same style at home.  You can even put the product in their hands as you walk up to the register, and ask them if they'd like to purchase it.  

You won't get everyone to buy, but if you get just 1 out of every 5 customers, that's more money in your pocket.  You just increased your ticket by $20, putting $10 back in your pocket.  That's working smarter, not harder.  

If the customer doesn't have the extra money, let them know you'll have the product next time they come in. 

If the customer says they can buy it elsewhere for cheaper, let them know that you're selling guaranteed authentic products.  In fact, there's an entire industry of fake hair care products, which consumers don't even know about.  If they buy something online for a cheap price, they run the risk of counterfeit knock-offs and there's no telling what it will do to your hair. 

Since your shop only gets goods from an authorized distributor, you can assure your clients that this product is authentic.

Travel Sizes from STMNT are the ideal retail opportunity for you, especially since we are offering them at Buy 12, Get 2 FREE!  That means you can either use the 2 freebies at the station to help sell the other 12, or you can level the price of 12 among 14, and put even more money in your pocket.  



Available now, exclusively through Classic Barber Products.