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Real Care, Real Good.

At Firsthand, we believe real care means putting people first. We help you care for how you look, feel, and live—for good. That means using clean ingredients safe for all body types and sourcing sustainably, from land to hand. We feel good putting it in your hands so you can feel good putting it on your body. If that sounds intimate, that’s because it is. Each time you use our products, we’re connecting, and that’s a level of trust that we take seriously.


What began as a passion project in a small apartment north of Boston has grown into a much larger mission. We want to see people valued through everything we do. We may have outgrown that small apartment but we're still ideating, formulating, and creating everything in house. 

Our promise to you is to always stick by these values and to make YOU our priority. When we can't make something in-house we promise to source and partner with only those who live and play by our same values.

12 products
  • FIRSTHAND Clay Pomade 12 Pack
  • FIRSTHAND All-Purpose Pomade 12 Pack
  • FIRSTHAND Texturizing Paste 12 Pack
  • FIRSTHAND Hydrating Shampoo 12 Pack
  • FIRSTHAND Hot Towel 32oz
  • FIRSTHAND - Hydrating Conditioner 64oz Refill Bag
  • FIRSTHAND - Hydrating Shampoo 64oz Refill Bag
  • FIRSTHAND Hydrating Conditioner 12 Pack
  • FIRSTHAND - Hair Oil 12 Pack
  • FIRSTHAND Charcoal Body Cleanser 12 Pack
  • FIRSTHAND Hand Soap Refill, 32 oz.
  • FIRSTHAND Hand Soap - 12 Pack