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Your hair, skin, and planet deserve better; that's why we use clean yet effective ingredients and sustainable packaging for all of our products.

At Firsthand, we believe real care means putting people first. We help you care for how you look, feel, and live—for good. That means using clean ingredients safe for all body types and sourcing sustainably, from land to hand.

11 products
  • FIRSTHAND Clay Pomade 12 Pack
  • FIRSTHAND All-Purpose Pomade 12 Pack
  • FIRSTHAND Hydrating Shampoo 12 Pack
  • FIRSTHAND Texturizing Clay 12 Pack
  • FIRSTHAND - Hydrating Shampoo 64oz Refill Bag
  • FIRSTHAND Hydrating Conditioner 12 Pack
  • FIRSTHAND Hot Towel 32oz
  • FIRSTHAND - Hydrating Conditioner 64oz Refill Bag
  • FIRSTHAND - Hair Oil 12 Pack
  • FIRSTHAND Hand Soap - 12 Pack
  • FIRSTHAND Charcoal Body Cleanser 12 Pack