Brosh All Wash Wood Seed, 12.5 oz.

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Now Available in an Economical Refill Bag!

3 IN 1 WASH THAT COMBINES SHAMPOO, FACIAL CLEANSER AND BODY SOAP. Wash away the oil of the day with one bottle!

This low pH whole body cleaning agent is made with ingredients derived from plants and amino acids, with a mild formula that does not excessively degrease hair and skin, so it can be washed gently while leaving plenty of moisture. This fine, creamy foaming formula does not deplete necessary moisture as it removes dirt and dead skin cells.

It is exactly the ideal one made with an exquisite balance that can wash your hair without feeling dry and wash your face and skin without feeling slimy.

Contains Asa Seed Extract and Asa Seed Oil (moisturizing ingredient) containing the featured beauty ingredient cannabidiol. By protecting from dryness and skin, and adjusting the natural balance, it is ideal for skin care and hair care.

※Free of petroleum-based cleaning ingredients and sulfate-based cleaning ingredients

[Fragrance] Using the rich fragrance of cypress, which has been popular since ancient times in Japan, it smells like bathing in the forest.