Brosh Powder Magic

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A powder-type hair conditioner that coats and styles your hair.
The powder ingredients create fine protrusions on the hair surface, allowing the hair to catch on rather than stick together, creating a three-dimensional and voluminous hairstyle.
The powder blends easily into the hair and does not easily fall off, so particles are not noticeable, the styling lasts for a long time, and you can reset it as many times as you like.
It has a natural matte finish unique to powder, giving it a slightly different impression from pomade styles.

Powder hair conditioner “POWDER MAGIC” Point
⚫️Light and natural finish, making it easy to create airy, voluminous styles
⚫️High setting power, can be re-set and arranged as many times as you like
⚫️Adsorbs oil from hair, making hair that tends to get sticky smooth Matte finish
⚫️ Lifts up the roots of fine hair, soft hair, and stiff hair for a long-lasting volume-up effect