Xotics Beard Oil 2oz - 12 Pack

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Tame your mane while growing an itch-free manly beard with our uniquely hand-crafted, paraben and chemical free beard oil. The fragrant blend containing Hempseed and Broccoli oil enhances hair color and strength while promoting sustained growth, tames coarse and unruly facial hair while nourishing underneath to maintain healthy skin. This beard oil will nurture your follicles while replenishing beard nutrients.


Sport: A floral, earthly note followed by a clean energetic aroma. Sport is the scent for the active man-on-the-go.

Success: A light, fruity, Citrus note paired with a sweet undertone. We believe success is happiness.

Tuxedo: A sweet and nutty aroma centered around amber with a sophisticated and woodsy essence. Tuxedo will put them under your spell.